La revue MARTOR n° 21 / 2016 Disponible en ligne

MARTOR  est la revue d’Anthropologie du Musée du Paysan Roumain. Le n° 21 / 2016 est disponible en ligne.

Voici le sommaire :

A Place for Hay. Flexibility and Continuity in Hay-Meadow Management

Coordinators: Anamaria Iuga and Bogdan Iancu

Anamaria IUGA, Bogdan IANCU and MONICA Stroe
Introduction: A Place for Hay. Flexibility and Continuity in Hay Meadow Management

I. Historical Insights on Hay

Haymaking in the Eighteenth Century

«Regardez si ça germe et si ça pousse !». Le processus de re-«paysannisation» des zones rouges du front occidental après la Grande Guerre

II. Bio-Cultural Diversity of Hay

Cosmin Marius IVAȘCU, Kinga ÖLLERER, László RÁKOSY
The Traditional Perceptions of Hay and Hay-Meadow Management in a Historical Village from Maramureş County, Romania

Tibor HARTEL, Cristina CRAIOVEANU, Kinga-Olga RÉTI
Tree Hay as Source of Economic Resilience in Traditional Social-ecological Systems from Transylvania

Anamaria IUGA
Intangible Hay Heritage in Șurdești

Ioana-Ruxandra FRUNTELATĂ, Cristian MUȘA, Elena DUDĂU
Haylife and Haylore in Starchiojd (Prahova county, Romania): from Present to Past [lire la suite]